TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor

Welcome to the new world of virtual set creation. Now, with NewTek's breakthrough technology, TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor (VSE), you can easily build and customize your own network-style virtual sets.

TriCaster Virtual Set Editor lets you:

  • Change the color and tone of set elements
  • Apply custom logos and artwork directly to your sets
  • Replace background images with video or imagery of choice
  • Show or hide select set furniture and fixtures
  • Add custom backgrounds and frames to double-box effects
  • Set start and end framing position of virtual zoom
  • Adjust placement (position, scale and rotation) of live video inputs
  • Add your own artwork to Layer Sets to create custom virtual sets
  • Import layered Adobe® Photoshop® files to create original HD double-box effects and virtual sets from 2D images

Compatible with both TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300, TriCaster VSE, using proprietary NewTek LiveSet™ technology, includes specially designed VSE Sets that produce real-time reflections and specular highlights, and have a wide range of elements that you can edit.

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TriCaster Virtual Set Editor includes three TriCaster VSE-compatible virtual set content files (PrimeTime, Skybox and Randomize), three Layer Sets, three double-box effects, 48 double-box frames, over 30 backgrounds and three PSD examples.

Using TriCaster VSE Sets you can add logos, modify color schemes, furniture options, create custom start and end points for zooms and adjust placement and scale for video inputs. You can also create original virtual sets by populating Layer Sets with your artwork, or composing layers in Adobe® Photoshop®, and then importing the layers into TriCaster VSE, which instantly transforms the PSD file into a double-box effect or Layer Set for use in VSE.

The intuitive, wizard-based interface walks you through the process of editing your virtual sets, making it easy to get the look you want - every time. The TriCaster VSE interface allows you to see the progress of your work as you make changes to your virtual sets.

In a few simple steps, replace background images, add your logo, move talent within the set, and more. Guides, including Safe Text and Safe Action area, show exactly what viewers will see. The zoom level and goal for your Start and End positions can be adjusted in real time. TriCaster VSE Sets include camera angles that you can easily modify. Additionally, you have control over the position, scale and rotation of elements along with brightness, hue, contrast and saturation.


Once a TriCaster VSE Set has been customized with Virtual Set Editor, you can export the set for immediate use in your TriCaster HD live production.

Now, you can deliver your HD live content from a personalized, network-style environment that's just as unique as your programming.

Note: Virtual Set Editor requires TriCaster VSE-compatible virtual set content files. Additional content may be sold separately.